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Hello all and welcome to my blog!

The intents of the site are to share ideas and learn from one and another about the stock markets in general. All ideas and suggestions are welcome for discussions whether you're a bear or bull or neutral stance. With that said, be mindful that ideas and opinion presented on this site may be from different author(s).
Have fun and good luck to all with trading.

----Jesse Livermore's favourite quotes
"There is never anything new on Wall Street because speculation is as old as the hill".

"In a bull market you must trade w/ the bulls; in a bear market you must trade w/ the bears".

"Anticipation and fast reaction- born from experience and planning- are a trade's key assets".

"Never argue with the tape".

"You don't know until you bet".

"Only the game can teach you the game".

Saturday, January 18, 2014


If it manages to stay above trendline and forms higher lows, there will be lots of FREE money to be made.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


No signs of weakness or any threats of pullback up to date.


More up baby!!!


So far so good with 200MA as support


Give me another push up please!!!


Getting ready for bullish continuation:


Entered @ .29 cents. Will hold for another day or two

Hourly Chart:

Daily: Filling the gap and on  the way to 200MA

Weekly: breaking out of wedge w volume

Saturday, January 04, 2014


Third try may be a charm!


Let's see what future brings for this stock. I hope for a breakout above blue line